Image of Bruce the DogThe State of New Jersey requires all dogs to be certified by a licensed veterinarian as immunized against rabies. The intent of this law is for immunity against rabies to cover the duration of the licensing period which is the calendar year. Pet owners are advised to consult their vet if they have any questions concerning vaccination overlap. The owners of a puppy or any dog who has received its first vaccination with a one year duration need to consult with the vet who administered this inoculation as to the length of the immunity the booster will provide.

If your dog is deceased or no longer living at your Clinton Township residence, please notify the Board of Health Office at 735-8800 x200. Also, it is important that all correspondence sent by the Board of Health Office be answered. Thank you.

Summonses will be issued to all dog owners who have not licensed their dog(s) for the 2015 calendar year.

Click Here for a 2016 Dog License Form.

Click Here for a Certificate of Exemption from a Rabies Vaccination Form.

License applications will be accepted in person or by mail. Make your check payable to THE TOWNSHIP OF CLINTON .

Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the completed form above and a copy of the rabies certificate (we do not keep certificates on file; we need to see a copy of your current certificate) and mail to:

Board of Health
1225 Rt. 31 South, Building D
Lebanon, NJ 08833

REMEMBER: For purposes of the 2016 license, the rabies innoculation MUST be effective until at least 10/31/16. Please have your dog(s) vaccinated and enclose a copy of the rabies certificate with this application. Additionally, Clinton Township has recently adopted a pet waste disposal ordinance. A copy of this ordinance will be mailed with your application form.

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Should you have any questions regarding dog licenses or the new ordinance, please call Carla Conner, Board of Health Secretary, at 908-735-8800 x200.


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