Tax Collector

property taxWe have a ten-day grace period on all quarters. Payment must be received in office (no postmark) by the 10th of the month due.

If we are not available, please leave a voicemail, and we will return your call during normal business hours. Please include your name, block and lot, physical address of the property in question and, of course, a phone number where you can be reached during office hours. You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. our office.

Make Checks Payable to: Township of Clinton Tax Collector
Mailing Address: 1225 Route 31 South, Suite 411, Lebanon, NJ 08833
Office Location: 2nd Floor


Rate History:

Taxing Entity 2021 2020 2019
County Tax 0.338  0.336 0.332
County Library 0.033  0.033   0.033  
County Open Space 0.033   0.033   0.032 
Local School District 1.257  1.226 1.192 
Regional School 0.618  0.633   0.637
Municipal Tax 0.434  0.414  0.405
Municipal Open Space  0.020 0.020   0.020
TOTAL  2.733 2.695   2.651

Questions regarding expenditures of school, county or municipal taxes should be addressed to the following:

  • County Board of Freeholders: (908) 788-1102 (Includes County Taxes, Country Library & County Open Space) District School Board: (908) 735-4145 (Includes Spruce Run, Patrick McGaheran and Round Valley)
  • Regional School Board: (908) 735-5191 (North Hunterdon High School)
  • Municipal Taxes: (908) 735-8800 (Finance Department, includes Municipal Taxes and Open Space)

Taxes are Due: February 1st (1st Quarter), May 1st (2nd Quarter), August 1st (3rd Quarter), November 1st (4th Quarter)

Grace Period: 10 days (to the 10th of the due month)

Interest Rate: 8% on the first $1500.00 and 18% on all delinquencies thereafter. 6% Year End Penalty on all balances (including interest) over $10,000.00 as of 12/31.

Billing: Taxes are billed once a year after all budgets are approved, generally the end of June. Added assessment bills are sent in October. Added assessment bills are for improvements made after October 1 of the pretax year and before September 30 of the current year.


Clinton Township Sewerage Authority, Melissa Paulus, Clerk 735-5026

  • Sewers payments to: 79 Beaver Avenue, Suite 5, Clinton, NJ 08809

Clinton Township Tax/Utility System Lookup

Veterans Tax Deductions

Senior Citizen/Disabled Deductions

New Jersey's Property Tax Relief Hotlines:

  • Property Tax Reimbursement
    • 1-800-882-6597
    • Form PTR-1 (or PTR-2 if reimbursement was received the previous year)
  • Homestead Rebate InfoLine
    • 1-800-323-4400 (within NJ) or 609-826-4400 (anywhere)
    • Form HR-1040 (and Form NJ-1040, if required)
  • NJ SAVER Rebate Hotline
  • For further information on these and any other tax relief programs click here.

You may address any questions regarding these programs in writing to:

  • New Jersey Division of Taxation
    Taxpayer Services Branch
    PO Box 900
    Trenton, NJ 08695-0900

**The Municipal Tax Office does not have any of the above-mentioned State forms.



Tax Collector
Patti Centofanti
Phone: (908) 735-8800 x213
Fax: (908) 735-7027
DROP BOX located to the right of front entrance of Municipal Building for payments made after hours.
1225 Route 31 South
Lebanon, NJ 08833
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday